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Cloud Server Hosting

virtual vps servers

  • What is Hosting in the Cloud?

    Hosting in the cloud simply means not limiting yourself to physical hardware. Cloud servers are virtual machines stored on redundant storage with the ability to move between hardware nodes in the event of a hardware failure.

    Why choose a Cloud Server?

    Cloud hosting offers a cost effective alternative to a dedicated server, with the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade resources anytime you need to. It also offers levels of redundancy that would otherwise only be possible by purchasing multiple dedicated servers and configuring and maintaining replication and failover systems.

  • Why the SynergyWorks Cloud?

    Our customers tell us our cloud servers are some of the fastest and most reliable on the market, and it's no surprise. We don't contend resources, they're dedicated to you!

    Cloud Server Connectivity

    Cloud Servers include static public IP addresses and a 100Mbps connection. Our Cloud servers are available with both IPv4 and native IPv6 addresses.

  • Any operating system

    As standard we offer CentOS Linux or Windows images on the cloud, however if the OS works on our cloud, we're happy to install it for you.

  • Reboot Anytime!

    Reboot or power on/off your cloud servers 24x7x365 at the click of a button via the customer portal.

    Free OS Re-Installs

    Re-install your cloud server or change the operating system 24x7x365 at the click of a button via the customer portal.